54 best A/B testing tools that you will ever need

A/B testing tools


What is A/B testing?
A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other in order to determine which one performs better.

At least two variants of a webpage are shown to the users at random. This further determines which page performs better in terms of conversion.

Why A/B test?
A simple A/B test for a website can help create a clear roadmap for the website. It gives a foresight to customer experience and user engagement for a website.

Which elements should you A/B test?
Almost anything on a website that influences user behavior should be A/B tested.

  • Header or Headlines
  • Subheadings
  • Content
  • Testimonials
  • Calls to Action buttons
  • Links
  • Images
  • Security Badges
  • Footer
  • Sliders
  • Animations
  • Social footprint

Here is a list of 54 best A/B testing tools for all your testing related worries.

1. : Split-test variants of your page with ease. The main benefit is, you can integrate it easily with large data pool and many analysis features.

2. : A simple and free to use A/B and Multivariate testing tool.

3. – Hassle-free visual A/B, split and multivariate testing tool. Provides a vast range of features.

4. : – Extremely simple and result oriented amongst many A/B testing tools.

5. : This is an all-in-one optimization tool: pop-ups, on-page surveys, A/B testing, personalization, & segmentation.

6. : Their advanced testing tool TestRail is capable of performing accurate tests and provide optimum results.

7. : An advanced optimization website that lets you run exceptional A/B, split, and multivariate tests hassle free.

8. : One of the most widely used, simple-to-use A/B testing, multivariate, and mobile testing platforms.

9. : Use visual editor provided by Maxymiser to set up variants and tests. Helps you build rules directly and target profitable customers.

10. : Pretty detailed and extensive when compared to other A/B testing tools for in-depth processing.  A robust system with very low variance and a wide variety of features.

11. : A detailed, end-to-end analytics solution for all your website related concerns. Kissmetrics gives you a 360-degree view on your website from start to end.

12. : Upload the image, set up the test to generate the URL and you will be presented the results within seconds. Pretty simple and effective tool.

13. : A simple, effective A/B testing tool with a visual editor. One-click Google Analytics integration, multivariate testing, and unlimited impressions.

14. : Convert offers a great visual editor with What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) that shows your website experiment in real time.

15. : Easy to set-up tool to carry out all your experiments like A/B tests, Multivariate testing, Personalizations, Surveys, popups etc.

16. : With Adobe you can combine targeted testing and personalization. The self-learning algorithm automatically adjusts itself to make unions between visitor behavior and content.

17. : An affordable, feature-packed tool for all optimization related queries; pop-ups, on-page surveys, A/B testing, Personalization, Segmentation etc.

18. : A simple, Javascript based multivariate testing framework. It simply runs split tests on your website for visitors.

19. : A great tool for someone who is just starting out. Simple, easy A/B testing, Split testing, multivariate and funnel testing tool.

20. : Another great Javascript A/B testing library licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.

21. : A landing page oriented tool which gives the users a number of metrics for analyzing the data given to them. Usability and interface are great as it allows you to publish the landing pages that you optimize.

22. : This is a Ruby on Rails A/B testing framework. Easy to setup plugin for testing display and behavioral using differences using code.

23. : Cheaper when compared to other A/B testing tools, Crazyegg provides a great start to your conversion goals. Understanding user behavior was never this easy.

24. : Analyze user behaviors in native iOS and Android applications with statistical assurance.

25. : Email marketing service, Campaigner, will allow you to set up email automation with list segmentation and reporting, all the while conducting split testing to understand subscriber’s preferences.

26. : Create an extensive customer segmentation model to better understand customer behavior with the help of Fusion.

27. : Build actionable customer segments in real time, with Dynamic yield’s machine learning engine. It will easily create micro-targeted audience group.

28. : Start with a free trial since they provide prices upon request. With the aid of machine learning algorithm leverage your split testing and multivariate testing.

29. : No coding skills required, easily create and deploy high performing web and mobile app pages for better profitability.

30. : Leanplum sends push notifications, in-app messages, email, app inbox to make sure the customers are always connected. It responds to all in-app activities during the entire customer journey, testing in and out.

31. : A market leader in generating sales leveraging CRO. Their main focus is A/B testing, surveys, personalization, and segmentation.

32. : Just as the name suggests, this JQuery based clientside plugin, treats customers as lab rats in order to build the best web application.

33. : Easily customizable, advanced tool for split testing. Use it either as server-side or client-side, results are always amazing.

34. : Completely free A/B and multivariate testing solution. With amenities like visual editor, code editor, and native integration with Google Analytics this is one of the best A/B testing tools if you are just starting with testing.

35. : An agile A/B testing tool library for MixPanel. Free and simple to use.

36. : With expert communication and clarity on test results, Qubit can be termed as a great compared to other A/B testing tools, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

37. : A user friendly interface which allows you to edit the content in a snap. Use multivariate and multi-domain A/B testing along with tracking and development tools for JS and CSS.

38. : A great server-side solution for more advanced users. They are one of the global leaders in testing and optimization.

39. : Visualize what customers experience from their perspective on your own website. A robust tool with vast amount of features.

40. : Identify the substantial segments of your website and deliver tailor-made experiences for your customers.

41. : An A/B testing framework for Rails which is experiment driven..

42. : An all-in-one optimization suite. With just $10 months you get access to visitor recordings, form analytics, chats, polls, conversion funnel reports and more.

43. : More than simple A/B testing framework, self-hosted and built for on just one simple principle: To help improve conversion rates on website.

44. : Open source Javascript based framework for A/B testing.

45. : Again, a great platform to test native mobile applications and carry out web analytics. Mixpanel will help you understand how customers use their apps through excellent analysis.

46. : A great framework developed at Facebook for online experiments. Planout can be used by Professionals, Organizations, and even students. Easy to use testing tool for anyone and everyone.

47. : A split testing software by Amazon for businesses to acquire more profits when dealing with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). It helps you stay ahead of the competition.

48. : From simple elements of your website to much complex ones, Taplytics provides all the right tools to help you optimize your web and app.

49. : A language-agnostic A/B testing framework with easy user interface.

50. : A great platform for A/B testing, Split URL testing, and Funnel testing. Zarget provides Heatmaps and Clickmaps with powerful visual tools.

51. : Create simple usability tests and surveys with the help of your own testers or use testers who have signed up with Usability Hub.

52. : An A/B testing framework written in Java. Again, a simple to use framework for quick testing.

53. : A simple split testing framework for DJango.

54. : A great cross device conversion optimization software to increase user engagement.

That is all. These are all the A/B testing tools you will ever need for your website to skyrocket your website’s . We will keep adding more such tools to the list and keep it updated.

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