5 Tips on Creating Unique Value Proposition That Converts

Unique Value Proposition

Being an online retailer, you must be knowing that customers don’t buy the products they buy the benefit those products provide. The unique value proposition explains the benefit your products are going to provide and this is one of the most important factors affecting conversions.

Unique value proposition also known as unique selling proposition can play a major role in winning or losing a sale. Why should your customer buy this product and that too from you only? Your unique value proposition should be the answer to this question.

have established value propositions.

You might have gone through many unique value proposition examples when creating one for your business. It may seem to you that the best unique value propositions have been taken by your competitors.

So, now what should be done? Here, we have included some tips which can help you in creating unique value proposition which can help your online store to convert better.

Know your Audience

The better you understand your audience, the more you would be able to know how useful your product is to them. Just try to know in which way your products or brand can be the solution to the problems of your audience.

Research well to know about your target audience and pitch them effectively with a unique selling proposition.

Set Yourself Apart From Competition

Get to know what your competitors are lacking to provide. Study their business tactics and know what they are doing well and what they are not doing well. For example, if your competitor is not providing free shipping, you can provide that and highlight in your unique value proposition.

Setting yourself apart from your competitors is the key to success. But, you cannot be successful, if you don’t inform your audience that how different you are from your competitors.

The Answer to – Why

Do you know why your customers should buy from you? If you have that reason and you are pretty well convinced with it, highlight that reason in your unique value proposition.

The benefits your products, brand or online store can provide to your customers can only convince your customers to buy from your store. Just don’t forget to include the answer to why should customers buy from you in your unique value proposition.

Break Stereotypes

Your customers would love to purchase from your store if you are providing something different. If you are selling something which is something against the stereotypes in that particular industry, highlight that in your unique value proposition.

For example, if you are selling custom handmade products, include that in your unique value proposition to grab the attention of your target audience.

Highlighting Benefit

There may be something which your competitor provides but you don’t for the benefit of your customers. For example, you are selling fans without blades which do not generate noise. Obviously, the noise generated can be a problem for your audience in the night.

Don’t forget to highlight the benefits your products provide in your unique value proposition and improve conversions.

Importance of a Strong Unique Value Proposition

One of the most prominent reasons of your customers leaving your online store without buying can be lack of a strong unique value proposition. People don’t look for nicely written but unrealistic quotes on your online store. They actually look for the benefits your products are going to provide them.

Just remember that you are not selling products or services but you are selling the benefits. Using the above tips you can write unique selling proposition or if that is not your forte, hire professional copywriting services.

To make your customers fall in love with your store, you not only need an appealing , but also a strong unique value proposition.