5 tips to create an effective Cart Recovery Programme

November 25, 2016
Email marketing tips to absorb abandoned cart

Abandonment of the cart after following the whole process of selecting the product kills. This results in the loss of revenue of the Estore. At this point, cart recovery email is the only option left with us. But we are not sure if it will guarantee customer retention. To get what you really expect from the abandoned cart email, you would for sure need to avoid a few mistakes done while launching a campaign.

Down there are a few points that needs to be considered to raise the profit margin of your Estore even after the abandoned cart.

  • Rephrase the content of abandoned cart email
    When sending an email for an ecommerce store it is required to act smartly. The word smartly is used here because when a customer visits an online store it is not mandatory that he/she has made selections of the products on the basis of discount. It can be possible that he/she has selected the product for the same price without any sale. So, in this scenario, if you are going to send an email related to discount, it will be of no use. So, think twice before finalizing the content for email marketing for online store. Changing the content as per situation helps to increase conversion rate.
  • Set a limit on the emails sent for an abandoned cart
    For the ecommerce store owners it is really important to find the loopholes that can deprive the customers from using the service. When a lot of emails regarding the same topic enter our inbox, we all get irritated and mark it as spam. To increase conversion rate, we must avoid the continuous flow of email for the same reason. The number of mails should not exceed the limit.
  • Know the reason for abandonment of the cart
    Asking questions, avoid misconceptions. Instead of thinking whole day the hidden reason behind the abandoned shopping carts, try to know the reason from the consumers. For this, add options to your email. This way you get to know the reason and can work out on the same for ecommerce conversions.
  • Get to know the right time
    What do expect when you provide summer sale at winter time? Obviously, the customers would find you funny or stupid, right. In the same manner, if a customer has added the products to the cart before Christmas and you send the abandoned shopping carts mail after the Christmas has passed no one is going to have a look at it. So, try to keep a track of the special occasions and the date user has chosen the product to make better strategies for email marketing for online store.
  • Send email series with a smart move
    It happens with all of us that we forget a task after one or two days if we are occupied with some other work. In the same way, in case of an online store, it is necessary to remind the customer about their cart after a time span. Sending a series of email does not mean to send the mail continuously and irritate the customer. So, keep the move smart and increase the conversion rate.

Email cart recovery program is the best way to get your customers back on your website. They can really affect the revenue generated by them. You can get the fruitful result till the time you avoid the mistakes mentioned above. If you still have some doubts, you can contact us and get to know about the services we provide.

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