5 Secrets of Managing eCommerce Discount Coupon Strategy Successfully

November 6, 2017
Discount Coupon Strategy

All your customers love discounts. Right?

One of the best ways to be considered for increasing sales would be discount coupon strategy. eCommerce stores are likely to convert better if an extra discount is offered to the customers.

As per coupon code statistics, online buyers who used coupons during their checkout process spent an average of 46% more than users who did not use coupons.

Here, we will discuss some smart ways of managing eCommerce discount coupon strategy which would help you in boosting sales over your online store –

Use Discount Coupons to Attract New Customers

Being an online retailer, you must be very well knowing that it takes a lot to attract and win the trust of buyers for the first time. Once the customer experiences the comfort of buying from your store, they are likely to return again and again.

It can be a really profitable deal to introduce attractive discount coupons exclusively for new users and win them as your customers on a long-term basis.

Reward Existing Customers

Winning new customers is crucial but same is with retaining present customers isn’t it? If your present customers don’t find profitable by purchasing from your store, might go for your competitors’ stores.

Reward your present customers with attractive discount coupons and ensure that they are satisfied with the discounts you are offering.

Below mentioned are some ways of offering discounts to your present customers to encourage them to buy from your stores.

  • Offer a specific percentage of cashback from their present purchase value for their next purchase.
  • A specific percentage of discount instantly on their purchase.
  • Discount code for free shipping.
  • Provide a gift over purchase of a specific amount,
  • Buy one get one free offer on purchasing products of a particular brand or category.
  • Send discount codes through email to your shoppers after they have purchased from your store.

Understanding Buyers’ Persona

Before introducing any discount code or offer, it is very much important to understand exactly what your buyers are expecting from you.

All your buyers have different spending habits and perception towards the discount offers you provide.

You need to analyze below-mentioned factors before introducing discount offers-

  • Do your target customers use discount codes before buying from your store?
  • Do discount coupons encourage them to buy from your store again?
  • Do your buyers focus more on their needs than wants?
  • On not providing any discount codes, do your buyers abandon the shopping cart?
  • Due to which reasons some of your buyers are not utilizing discount coupons?
  • Where do your buyers search for discount codes?

Based on the answers to the questions above, you can plan your discount code strategy.

Market your Coupon Codes Through Social Media

Almost everyone these days uses social media platforms either for business or personal use. You can post updates informing the users about the discount coupons you are offering and attract traffic to your online store and convert them.

After you have marketed your discount coupon codes on social media, analyze –

  • How many users used it to obtain a discount on your store?
  • How many users shared your coupons on their profile?
  • How many users liked your Facebook and Twitter page to obtain discount codes?

Based on this analysis, you can plan a smart discount coupon strategy to be executed through social media platforms and achieve your sales goals.

Partnering With Coupon Code Websites

People look for offers available at different stores on coupon code websites. Moreover, these websites get listed on SERPs, whenever discount code coupons for any brand or store is searched for.

It would be wise decision to attain partnership with these coupon code websites and get your discount code displayed at the place where your customers are looking for really good offers.

Marketing Discount Coupon Strategy: Do It The Right Way

There are several ways through which discount coupons can be marketed. Doing it the right way can be the key to excelling in online retail business.

Just follow the above mentioned smart ways to market discount codes in an effective manner and take your online store to new heights.

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