5 Product Data Management Facets Influencing Online Store Performance

Product Data Management

When it comes to eCommerce industry, the buying decision of the customers is totally driven by the product information provided on your store.

The buyers totally depend on the product data which makes it extremely efficient and a major key factor behind the success of an eCommerce Store.

As per the statistics, 88% of shoppers characterize detailed product content as being extremely important.

Is the product data on your online store updated? If yes, then is it accurate? Lot many such questions may come into your mind because you very well know that the profitability of an online store totally depends on how well the product data is being managed.

If your product details are not latest or accurate you can face the below-mentioned consequences.

  • Customers get confused
  • Loss of trust in your brand
  • Reduction in sales

And all these consequences lead you towards losing customers and that too forever!!!

Here, we will go through some important product data management facets, if taken care of can help you in improving customer retention resulting in increased sales and growth of your online business.


A visitor going through the products or services on your website foremost expects the accuracy in the content. If they find the product details to be outdated or full of errors, then they may move to your competitors’ stores immediately.

The product details form a first impression in your buyer’s mind which matters a lot. You can win the trust of your customers by providing them accurate and error-free product details resulting to increase in sales.


The customers demand consistent data across all the product pages on your eCommerce store. If on one product page you have product description mentioned and on another, if it is not then it may give a non-professional look to your store. Also, on not finding the proper product description, the buyer may not trust your store and find another store for their requirements.

Consistency in product information is the key to creating a wonderful user experience and help you in converting better.


The customers would never welcome the outdated content as your product information. The product information like quantity, variations, etc., should be updated regularly to avoid misleading your customers.

For example, if any of your items is sold and you miss updating its quantity, then that particular product page would show wrong inventory information. Any customer can place the order for that product and then you end up canceling the order or delay in delivery which would ultimately disappoint your customer.

To provide a wonderful shopping experience to your customers, ensure that the product data is updated regularly.


Provide genuine and authentic product information to your customers. After delivery of a product, if the customer finds the product not matching to the information provided on your website, you may disappoint that customer and they may never return back for their next purchase.

Delighting customers is very important if you want to keep your online business growing consistently. Just ensure that you maintain the transparency in sharing product information with your customers.


The content on each and every product page should be unique. Duplicate content would never be able to win the trust of your customers. The search engines even index the web pages having original and relevant content.

Thus, your product page with unique content can attract maximum traffic and can yield high conversions.

Product Data Management: Gaining a Competitive Edge

With so much of competition in the online retailing industry, it becomes important to deliver the product information which is unique, realistic, clear and compelling enough to help customers decide their purchases and provide excellent shopping experience.

Having inconsistent, irrelevant content with errors on the product page can be the biggest obstacle to the success of your online business. We very well understand that how difficult it is to keep the content updated especially if you are selling thousands of SKUs over multiple channels beside your own online store. Just get in touch with QeRetail, we can help you with product data cleansing services while you focus on your core business.