10 ecommerce store mistakes that prevent making any sales

10 ecommerce store mistakes that prevent making any sales

With the numerous eCommerce software like Big Commerce, Shopify available today, starting the business website for your estore/online store is the easiest task but still many entrepreneurs get entrapped and don’t get to make much profits, due to some major and common mistakes made.

Are you a businessman? The store not making sales? Getting to know on those mistakes is sure to give you a word of caution on mistakes while running the stores. Lets take a look,

  • Having poor images and complex or vague descriptions on products is sure to disappoint the customers who are already missing the great feel of a physical store shopping. Make sure to show the products in various angles, write crisp simple description, show high definition images so you clearly convey how the user can benefit from you.
  • Not showing your contact details on the site is like keeping yourself hidden when a customer wants to reach out to you! Doesn’t it sound foolish to miss out on such a simple thing? Never miss to include the contact information!
  • Forcing the customers to register in order to checkout and having complex checkout is annoying them; don’t ever do it. Make it short and simple, to increase conversion rates for your estore.
  • Adding a plugin to insert shipping cost calculator, at the time of website design is going to save you customers who otherwise abandon carts because they feel being duped on hidden shipping costs. Better take care!
  • Mobile sites with tiny sized buttons or sluggish images are going to make you lose 80% of the customer base who constantly browse through or shop using their smart phones. Make sure you have quality mobile sites. Tap targets of at least 48 pixel tall and wide are google recommended.
  • Communicating clearly on what to do in each step of the shopping is very important in order to win the customer, else he gets impatient enough to close the site!
  • Using social marketing, content marketing and other techniques to reach out to the target crowd is very important because without them you aren’t going to generate any revenue. Once you gain some people, it’s quite easy they do the promotions for your store from there on; this is great because customers believe in other customers than they do in you.
  • Keeping yourself connected with the customers on public forums is very important for your site branding. Also making a good presence in market talks and discussions is sure to bring customer confidence on your expertiseDoing things using a lot of time and money, performing marketing efforts often but yet not seeing what you expect to see, simply means you aren’t doing these to the right audience. Selling women’s bracelet in a crowd of just men isn’t great but to a mix of male partners and ladies makes sense!
  • Make sure you have done a good research before you arrive at the price for a product since too low or too high cause adverse effects. It’s necessary you show them you have a great quality and a reasonable price, in order to attract them

Showing your uniqueness in every landing page is important. Answering the customers why they should choose you is necessary. Never use product descriptions copied from elsewhere. Don’t clutter multiple products on a single page.

Using WordPress for blogs is great but for eCommerce? Not too good unless you tweak in certain aspects.

As a starter it’s good you don’t choose your niche that’s already too common to note, in the market. Choosing a less common or a rare but useful commodity can help to attract people to you.

Have a great marketing plan. Have search engine optimisation done. Don’t miss to optimise your site performance otherwise you would contribute to reasons for no online store sale in your business! If you are looking forward to further assistance or for estore maintenance , us now.