10 Quick Tips to Enhance User Experience of Your eCommerce Store

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In this digital age, the competition face by eCommerce retailers has never been this fiercer. You have to be on your toes to keep your customer captivated. If you’re looking for quick and handy tips to set you apart from the competition, read this article. I’ve mention some great tactics that will help bring back your consumer every time.

1. Create a professional looking website

Your eStore should have a professional feel. In order to do so, make sure you contact a proper . They will help you design, develop and market your business as per today’s needs.

Also, you need to keep in mind that your eStore should be responsive towards mobile and tablets so that maximum people can reach you through various platforms.

2. Make the check out process easy

Your ultimate goal should customers purchasing goods or availing services from your website.

Customers don’t want to go through pages after pages to complete the check out process. It is time-consuming and annoying. And many customers won’t even stick to your website if you have such a cumbersome process.

Simplify the process and break it down into two to three pages. The shorter the check out page is, the happier the consumers are.

3. Personalize your emails

You should pay utmost attention to your email marketing. A report by shows 50% of companies feel they can increase interaction within email by increasing personalization.

Make them friendly, show them you’re excited to associate with them, show them some extra care. After all who doesn’t like that?

You can provide them free deals and coupons on their purchases to invoke them buy more from your website.

4. Welcome them back!

If any customer comes back to your website,  greet them by sending a ‘welcome back’ email. This shows you value your customer. Additionally, you can also give them some discount for coming back to your website.

5. Mobile users should be your top priority

As per , about 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Is your website mobile friendly? Give your customers a seamless navigation experience by providing big buttons. You’re likely to make a sale if you do so.

6. Be polite, sincere and helpful

Always keep one thing in mind–you have to be honest with your customers.

Imagine yourself in a brick and mortar store. Analyse the way the shopkeeper treats you. They help you at every stage of your buying journey.

Do the same with your customer. Be honest with them; help them at every stage. Provide them with everything they need and I’m sure they’ll leave happily from your store.

Giving a good shopping experience not only pleases them but also creates your good image for other shoppers. A good word of mouth has eventually become an essential aspect of eCommerce business these days.

7. Product recommendations

Set up different product recommendations for your old and prospect clients. If your past customers have bought anything, you can show them a list of other products which they might like to buy.

Doing so, shows you’re taking interest in what they’re buying, and that you know what they may like to buy. This would lead to a noticeable amount of sales as you’re showing them products and services which they might not have availed yet

8. Offer free exchange and returns

With online business comes a lot of hassle and hurdles. Customers may order something which they find unsuitable or may not like it.

In such cases, always offer free returns. This way people will have a feeling of satisfaction that even if ordered products don’t fit them, they can return it or exchange it for free.

9. Website content has to be impactful

When it comes to the content of your website, always remember one thing, ‘LESS IS MORE’. No doubt you need to explain everything about your website. But it has to be crisp and clean.

The content of your website should portray the vision you have for your business.

Too much content, images or videos may make the site bulky and hinder your consumers in making a purchase.

10. Proofread your content

That is the most important step. Imagine yourself in consumer’s shoes. Will you like to purchase from a website who connects is Grammarly incorrect? I’m sure no!

Even customers don’t trust such websites which have poor grammar.

To rectify this, you can add to your browser. It not only helps you in writing better by correcting grammar mistakes but would also help you with the meaning of each word.

Provide a world-class user experience to your customers….

User experience is THE element you should focus on. Providing good user experience will open a gateway to building good relations with your existing customers as well as help in attaining new customers. Follow these awesome tips to give a great user experience to your consumers.