Top 10 Inspiring Holiday Marketing Tips for Online Retailers

August 17, 2017
Holiday Marketing Tips

Every year, when holiday season starts approaching, online retailers start executing different holiday marketing strategies including emails, social media posts, advertisements, etc. Before you can even think about holiday marketing tips which can maximize your sales figures in this holiday season, you need to –

Prepare your store for the holiday shopping rush

No matter which marketing tools or holiday promotion ideas you use, if your store is not updated with the call to action text or images linking to proper holiday-centric landing pages, all your efforts can be a waste. Ensure, that your store is designed with the holiday season theme, is user-friendly with proper navigation and flawless functionalities providing a comfortable shopping experience to your customers. Your store should be mobile-friendly or you should be possessing the store app available on iTunes and Google Store so that you don’t miss out Smartphone users.

After updating the store, confusion still remains that –

Which holiday marketing tips would help you in achieving your sales goals in this upcoming festival season?

Let us get started with some –

Inspiring Holiday Marketing Tips

Add an Emotional Touch to the Content

Well, if your goal is to stand out different from the crowd, don’t create “noise” in the form of your posts. Create posts which focus on the sentiments of the customers. Your followers or group members on social media platforms would not share your content until and unless it doesn’t relate to them. Your posts and emails should convey the message that you really understand your consumers and care for their needs. The readers should get a feeling that your products or services can improve their life and solve their problems. Moreover, in this festive season, all your viewers are looking for profitable deals, so give them what they are looking for and gain maximum shares and likes for your posts. Using this one of the most important holiday marketing tips, would make your brand popular and help you in gaining maximum customers for your online business.

Include Call to Action Beneficial to the Customer

It is a common psychology of the customers that they will think of their benefits before sharing your post on social media platforms or subscribing to your email newsletters. For example “Like Page to Get a Coupon” or “Subscribe to Newsletter to Get a Free Gift.” Encourage your customers to follow your business or retweet in lieu of a price to get the maximum out of your social media marketing for your online business in this holiday season.

Make Content Go Viral

Ensure that your email newsletters include social networking share icons so that the readers can easily make your content go viral with a single click. In this holiday season, it becomes your primary goal to spread the awareness about your products and services to maximum consumers. The reason behind gaining success in online business is getting the right message conveyed to the right audience at the right time. Also, keep your tweets as short as possible so that the viewers can re-tweet it without facing 140 character limit problem. Maximum shares to your content would help even new audience to know about your business and enable you to gain lucrative benefits for your business.

Personalize your Content for Each Platform

There are many tools available through which you can post your content on various social media platforms automatically. But, if you do that, you fail to give a personalized touch to your posts. Avoid “Set it and forget it” kind of attitude when it comes to posting content especially when the holiday season is approaching. The audience segment for different social media platforms is different and so you really need to think like your audience to post content which they like.

Participate in Discussions and Create Opportunities

When you post content on social media platforms, your customers may post comments which can be negative and positive both. Respond to those comments tactfully and create new opportunities for your online business. Also, engage your customers in discussions by asking their input for improvising your products and services. This would form a very good impression for your business in the minds of your present and potential customers and help you in gaining popularity of your brand.

Post Videos on your Social Media Accounts

Research proves that shoppers who view videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers. The videos in the form of a story create more interest than informative content. So, advertise your products and services in the form of video and make them viral over social networking profiles to gain more traffic to your website. Just don’t forget to create a video based on the upcoming festival in order to benefit out of this holiday season.

Include Pinterest in your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest. Would you like to miss this segment of consumers this holiday season? Of course, not. Your main goal in this upcoming festival season should be to advertise your products in maximum popular platforms. So, why to miss Pinterest which is one of the most highly visited social networking platforms?

Utilize Remarketing Technique

Though remarketing is used throughout the whole year, it highly suits to holiday shopping consumer behavior. Just think about the outcome, when your store visitors are sent reminders to purchase the products they have viewed a few numbers of times. This is one of the most intelligent holiday marketing tips, which helps you in capturing the lost traffic of your store and encouraging sales.

Invest in Facebook Advertising

If you have never tried advertising on Facebook, then holiday season would be the right time to do so. There are various benefits of advertising on Facebook –

  • The Facebook advertisements have versatile targeting options which can help you in selecting the viewers for your ads based on their preferences, geographic location, and many other criterions.
  • Comparing to Google Adwords, Facebook advertising is much more affordable and cost-effective.
  • Facebook ads are much more visually appealing than PPC ads as only 20% of a Facebook ad can be in the form of text which means rest of the part you can use attractive images to grab the attention of your viewers.

Create Attractive Kits & Bundles

The presentation of products and services becomes the most important part of selling especially when holidays are around. Be creative with providing suggestions to your customers in the form of kits and bundles. For example, the customer buying a lipstick would like to buy a nail paint of matching shade. So, create a bundle of relevant products and represent to your customers through email or social networking platforms to increase sales this holiday season.

Turning Problems into Opportunities….

You may feel overwhelmed with the idea of executing holiday marketing tips which are exclusively suitable to your online retail business after going through the above list. Yes, the holiday season is challenging for online retailers but if you plan in advance and use the above given holiday marketing tips in an effective manner, nothing can go wrong. You don’t need to work harder; you just need to work smarter to make miracles happen in this very soon approaching festival season. To ease your job, you can take help from QeRetail – an agency dedicatedly working for online retail stores. We can help you in preparing your business for the holiday season by designing, enhancing, marketing, and maintaining your online store in a perfect manner.

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