The Next 5 Things You Should Do for a Successful AI Marketing Strategy

AI marketing

Why there is so much buzz about AI?

Because it makes our life easy. Simple!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows marketers to create highly customised marketing campaigns which overpower the traditional form of marketing. Having a widespread area of applications, the Scope of AI is boundless. Some of the big brands such as IBM, Google, Facebook, Coca Cola, Adidas, Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber are using AI to promote their brands. Here are some surefire ways to get business through AI Marketing.

5 Reasons to Enhance Your AI Marketing

1. Sales and Marketing

AI builds and monitors your pipelined content so you can focus on closing more deals. Use AI as your sales assistant and find the data you need. It also ensures that you follow up with prospects and also that you forget almost nothing. to identify potential clients and deliver the ideal content that’s most relevant to them. With coming of the Big Data and machine learning, there’s nothing that a marketer can’t do! Over the time, AI can be used to uncover hidden places of both eCommerce and technology. It can itself teach to learn something new which can be incorporated into new marketing campaigns.


2. Customer services and Chatbots

What comes after pitching the right audience? Personalization! It builds one to one communication between the buyer and the seller. After all, dedicating a personal human to every single buyer is practically impossible. Brands like are already using chatbots in full gear. The key here is that people feel as if somebody is talking to them; somebody is ready to listen to their problems and this makes your brand to win an audience. ChatBots can be used to solve queries, place orders and for feedbacks. And this inturn influences the employed AI marketing Strategies.


3. SEO

Voice search technologies such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa have changed the complete meaning of queries. Now, who, why, what, when nearby are just not interrogative words, they have become keywords. This is why we need to revamp our keyword planning strategy. We need to employ more and more keywords which are based on voice search. For example, if somebody searches for,’ the best apparel store in the USA based on the voice search, then your store should rank on the first page of the search engine. AI can also be used in content marketing wherein there’s a lot of scope of automatically generated content, customized news feeds, and predictive intelligence.


4. Security

AI can be an incredibly sturdy shield. It can take Cyber security to the next level by processing and prevent every possible threat. This way you can save both time and resources which can be used in some other task. By ensuring that the brand has got a solid base, business owners can fortify structures to withstand anything, giving solace to both brands and their customers.


5. Augmented Reality(AR)

Pokemon Go phenomenon has taught to use AR in the mainstream. The predicts that by 2021, AR will be a well-known name among the eCommerce marketers. AI and AR can together be used to create powered layered experiences that connect people with brands to give them a field of reality. As AI can drive both practical and creative returns, Brands must use it with context to their existing AI marketing strategy. A few months back, which have both AI and AR. It captures a wearer’s field of vision and then offers instructions to repair or troubleshoot issues as they are detected. Pragmatically, AI can be used to deliver more relevant content using fewer resources which save  time and money.


Final Thoughts
AI is becoming a must in the digital world. As it is growing across all industries and segments, it is high time that marketers should start investing their time and resources to ensure a continued success for their brand, both now and in future.