10 Secret Techniques to Successful Link Building in 2018

link building

2017 is on a verge of ending. And in 2018 link building should be a part of your .

Links from authoritative sources are crucial for getting a higher ranking in the search engine results page. Link building should be a part of your growth strategy.

Links help in generating traffic to your website. Link building done wrongly can backfire. It is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it is a rocket science.

In this article, I’ll share some essential techniques to link building in 2018.

Why is link building important for your website?

1.  People click on the links directed to your website. Hence, direct traffic is generated to your website
2.  It adds value to the receiving page which apparently improves the visibility of the page in the search engines.
3.  It adds value to the whole website, improving the visibility of each page of the website a little.

10 Tips for Successful Link Building in 2018

1. Ask for backlinks

This is a good way to start if you are a beginner in this job. Think about all those people related to you–your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, partners, clients. Ask for in-content links and instead of sidebar or footer links.

2. Build good relationships

For good link building, you need to build good relationships. There are plenty of opportunities where you can communicate and build relationships with social groups, online communities, and forums.

Share interesting things with the fellow users on the communities. Also, take part in discussions. Doing so will not only earn backlinks to your website but also would allow you to meet and greet such people who share a similar interest.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials are crucial for your business. They are a win-win scenario. Most of the companies allow their customers to say something about you and your business.

And while they do so, there is a high number of chances you can get a backlink from them.

This not only increases customer trust but also makes you more visible on the search results page.

4. Blogs are best to get backlinks

If you want to get links from the blog, you have to keep it alive.  Just one blog and one backlink won’t serve the purpose.

If you interlink all your blogs and be an authoritative source, people will start trusting you. Not only links from other sources are important, but also interlinking your own blogs are equally important.

Write a good quality content that people are enticed to read and write on the topics that meet the client’s needs.

That’s how you earn backlinks!

5. Write a good guest post

There are many websites that allow you to write about industry-specific topics. They also allow you to put a link to your website/blog in on their website. But before you publish an article over there, make sure.

1.  Your article is relevant to the industry and the website
2.  It doesn’t brag about how good you or your company is
3.  You focus on quality content
4.  Poor quality content can bring bad reputation

6. Discover competitor’s common backlinks

If you research your competitors, you will probably notice that they have some common backlinks which you still don’t have. So, if they managed to get those backlinks. Why don’t you?

7. Infographics

You might be very good at writing but for some people consume visuals better. In such cases, infographics fit the bill. Different people grasp information differently.  And you must cater the needs of a wider audience.

Many people use infographics to attract links. Somewhere, someone can use your infographics without notifying you.

In such cases, you can conduct a Google reverse image search.

8. Lists

Lists are great. For an instance, if you write

• Drinking water is good for health
• 5 reasons drinking water is good for health

I know these 2 headlines depict the same purpose but you would read the blog which has the second headline. Human psychology you know!

9. Research reports and case studies

Your personal opinion can matter a lot. If you have been in a specific industry for a long time, it’s important for you to claim your authority. And in order to gain backlinks, you need to show facts and stats. That’s the reason why the most shareable contents are:

• Research papers
• Case studies
• Reviews
• Comparisons

Try to be the first one to write on a specific topic. Choose topics which are niche specific and in trend. People tend to read such topics more and frequently.

While writing always includes facts, stats, test results, charts etc and link your sources.

10. Newsletter subscription

Companies who fail to understand the importance of newsletter are not able to attract consumers as compared to those who do.

Newsletters are very important as they give a snippet of your products and services. So, along with educating your customer, you are also giving them news of that specific niche.

With giving a chance to read quality content to the readers, you increase the chance of getting more backlinks.

Also, when people share your content, you get traffic and hence backlinks.

Try to include some effective call to action button in your newsletter. For example, you can offer them a free white paper, a webinar or an eBook.

Bottom Line
A successful link building strategy should always aim to bring a new set of an audience every time. Then only there’s a chance of getting a higher ranking on Google. As long as you consider link building as a viable strategy to get visitors from other sources, you are doing it in the right manner.