An Anecdote on Instagram Making the Like Counts Private

November 18, 2019
Instagram hiding likes
The word is out and the impact is already making sounds!

Instagram hiding the numbers of likes is no more a surprise for the platform’s ardent users. The test phase is global and affecting many users. The ‘Hidden Likes Test’ began in April from Canada and brought to Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand in July.  A similar experiment is being expanded to the U.S. and a subset of people globally. This being said, the clouds of confusion and insecurity is spreading among the businesses who earn their bread and butter solely from Instagram. Today’s anecdote is dedicated to the impacts of this likes count private test undertaken by Instagram. Read on…

Why Is Instagram Hiding Like Counts?

As per the official announcement, this huge step of Instagram hiding like counts is an initiative to remove the social pressure of being ‘liked’ by others.  It wants to come across as a platform where people feel comfortable expressing themselves. In other words, it is trying to be creative and experimenting with fresh ideas rather than worrying about how many likes they get.

Adam Mosseri – CEO, Instagram said at Wired25 that “We will make decisions that hurt the business if they help people’s well-being and health.” Hidden Like counts is a proclaimed step forward for improving the mental health of Gen Z. People who follow a set pattern and refrain from trying new things or posting things out of their genre now gets a free zone. The update is rolling out with an agenda to boost connections rather than numerical engagements. To sum this up, the propaganda behind Instagram hiding like counts is a test to make the app’s content qualifiable over quantifiable.

The Impact

Now let’s get to business and talk about the impact of Instagram Hiding Like Counts!

The latest update keeps the likes hidden for the audience who see your post. The account holders can still see who Liked their posts and a total number by tapping on the list. Other viewers will only see a few mutual followers’ names on a post. Upon tapping, the viewers will be able to see the list of people who liked that particular post but would have to manually count them for a number.

For Influencers and Businesses

Instagram Hiding Likes might seem a good move for eliminating the cut-throat competition.  But, if we establish a business POV (point of view), then an important metric will now be unavailable! Influencers who claim their engagement on the numbers of likes will now have to rely on their relationships with brands who already trust them. On the other hand, businesses will now have to dive a little deeper before spending their money on Influencer Marketing.

  • Instagram hiding likes has a very bright side to it in terms of creativity and real-time engagement. The latest update supports new ideas and encourages good content creators.  By putting an end to this popularity contest, Instagram is trying to create a space where people will share more artsy, unconventional, and inspiring posts regardless of their public acquisitions.
  • Brands will shift their focus from creators with higher likes to creators with artistic appeal. They will come to know what trend people are following in real sense.
  • On the other hand, creators will not hesitate while trying some out-of-the-box ideas and will become experimental with their content.
  • Moreover, the spammy bots and fake followers or likes count will no longer affect the overall content performance. This will inspire the budding artists to be more active on the platform without a thought of getting enough appreciation.

“This could make Instagram’s content more diverse, surprising and alluring over time versus an increasingly stale aesthetic of perfection” – From an article on TechCrunch

But, a catch here will be a shift in marketing spend! If brands can not count on the influencers for the engagement, there are higher chances of them to turn towards official Instagram ads. Instagram’s hiding likes stint will not only boost the creative quotient on the platform, but it can also mean more ad money for the company.


The game of hiding likes is now global! The brands and influencers need to see the impact when it will be out on a broader scale. For now, focus on creating good content for better social engagement. For more latest eCommerce and Social Media updates, keep looking at the blogging space on QeRetail!

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