Facebook Retargeting Functions That Small Scale eCommercers Shouldn’t Miss

January 25, 2019
Facebook Retargeting


Make hay while the sun shines!

 looking at the epoch of continuous remarketing and retargeting, the proverb supposedly seems to be made for the new age digital marketers.

Deliberately, when the small eCommerce owners or the solopreneurs are in focus, warm leads are more likely to reap you fruits than just going out all aloud to generate new leads. Social media, being an inseparable part of any marketing campaign, helps you chase the prospects who have left your conversion funnel at any stage in time. And, getting back at’em with full power, should be on top of your any social media retargeting campaign to make it work for you.

Facebook has been one of the most innovative interaction platforms since the day of its emergence. People keep brimming to be ‘on Facebook’ so much so that as of the third quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users worldwide. Even if we consider half the population that is on Facebook as potential clients, there would still be 1.135 billion buyers. Wow! Quite a market isn’t it? Our today’s read is gonna be all about making your Facebook retargeting strategy to work! Get ready to try your hands on few of the fruitful facebook retargeting functions that you can consider utilitarian for your next campaign.

The Facebook Ad Galore to Explore

Facebook is huge! And so is its offerings to the Facebook marketers. With billions of people’s preferences and responsiveness, Facebook keeps on adding new and better ways to market and re-market to the audiences. For that matter, Facebook Ads tops the charts among the inevitable retargeting functions. Take a look at Facebook Ad variants that you can add to your Facebook retargeting strategy if you haven’t yet!

  1. Offer Ads
  2. Video Ads
  3. Domain Ads (for website footfall)
  4. Canvas Ads
  5. Lead Ads
  6. Slideshow
  7. Collections
  8. Carousel Ads (Popular)
  9. Facebook Messenger Ads
  10. Facebook Story Ads (New)
  11. Sponsored Mentions (New)
  12. Dynamic Ads (Intuitive)

Quick Retargeting Stat #1: Nearly 3 out of 5 U.S. online buyers said they notice ads for the product they looked up on other sites.

The Pixel Tracking Tool

Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps you track your site visitors and their activities. The gathered data helps you remarket those warm leads on Facebook. With this tracking tool being put on your website,  you can gain detailed insights about the people visiting, target via various tools such as messaging or ads to users who are already aware of your brand and track the leverage out of your paid social advertising campaigns. It is advisable to have the Facebook Pixel code applied on your website before you even run the first ever Facebook Ad campaign. To learn the purchase pattern of the users, pixel takes time and lets you have the insights of their behavioral patterns for your distinct segmentation. The effectiveness of a Facebook retargeting strategy runs on how wise you’re in bifurcating your audience! “Nothing hits the bull’s eye as much as the right kind of advertisement does” – Pro tip.

Quick Retargeting Stat #2: Retargeting ads are 76% more likely to get clicks than regular display ads.

Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences for Facebook Retargeting Ads

The custom audiences and lookalike audience functions work as the trump card of any Facebook retargeting strategy. When you market your brand or product on Facebook, you get a database of people already engaged with your business. This existing relationship is the base for custom and lookalike audiences, which we can, in real terms, consider as retargeting audiences.

Audience types:  Facebook Ads Manager tool is the way to get to these audiences and manage your Facebook retargeting ads. It basically comes with six options for defining the existing relationship between your business and your ad audience. You need to create custom audiences to define your existing relationship with the brand.

To start with, you can target audiences by uploading a CSV file of customer data, i.e. email addresses from your database or webinar attendees. And, when you decide to create an on site visitor audiences, Facebook adds people who have visited your site with the help of Facebook Pixel. This option allows you to segment the audience by their activity or spent time on your web pages. You can create many exclusions as complies to you.

Engagement types: You can define an engagement audience based on five different engagement elements. The first is video, which allows you to generate an audience of people who have watched your videos for at least 3 seconds on your Facebook page or your Instagram business profile.

The second element is the lead forms. If you already use lead ads, you can get back in front of people who have completed or even opened your lead form.

Third, the canvas ads. It is an experience of a little micro-website within the Facebook platform. Create a list of people who have opened those image collections or canvases on Facebook.

The Fourth one here is your FB page engagements. You can get in touch with anyone who has seen or interacted with your Facebook page through advertising. 

The fifth option is similar to FB page engagements but instead focuses on the Instagram business profile.  With this relatively new option, you get a chance to retarget the people who have interacted with your Instagram business profile.

The catch – website visitors trigger the Facebook pixel only after you put the pixel code on your website, so that moment is the earliest that Facebook can start tracking it. Moreover, when you segment those website visitors for a remarketing audience, Facebook uses only the data from the last 180 days. Whereas, engagement audiences use data from a longer period of time. As long as you’ve had a business page or an Instagram business profile, even if you’ve never created certain audience segments in Ads Manager, Facebook uses data from the past 365 days.

Quick Retargeting Stat #3: The average CTR of retargeted ads is 10x higher than standard display ads.

Final Word

Facebook retargeting is an amazing feature to trigger the conversions. The aforementioned functions take a little time to get a complete hold on, but once done, these are the ones that can weave you long term, and even short term fruits for that matter. Happy retargeting!

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