Features for effective B2B ecommerce stores

Better your B2B business with the latest trends in eCommerce

B2B eCommerce store is just like any traditional B2C online store used to sell products to business customers. B2B Estores have the same detailed product information, search optimisations, product reviews but the sales process is more complicated due to high variable prices, higher sale volumes, complexity in shipping and tax regulations.

Key features that need to be considered for effective selling of the B2B items online are detailed below:

  • Customer specific pricing:
    You must have an option to vary the product prices and be able to personalise them as it is very important for B2B stores to effectively manage their sales. The eCommerce store must also have options to vary the prices to the same customers based on time and order quantity.
  • Manage sales quotations:
    You must be able to create, modify and approve sales quotations to your customers online. Online generation of quotes, negotiations with customers on price and conversion of quotes to orders now can happen swiftly.
  • Confidence level of sales team:
    Your B2B online store not only helps your online customers to place orders but also provides all the product, inventory and customer information on the products and services offered by your business online. This results in sales representatives having higher deal conversions; additionally they get benefitted from processes like administering customers, calculating commissions etc effectively online.
  • Manage B2B customer hierarchy:
    There can be many customers from a single company; Managing each customer within the company is vital and your eCommerce store process needs to create a parent child relationship between the company(parent) and its internal customers (children). Internal customers need to be managed effectively to have an overall healthy relationship between themselves and with the parent; this is achieved by managing the customer invoices, credit documentation and so individually
  • Credit limits and bill payments:
    The agreed payment terms in a B2B business differs from that of a B2C store. Payments in a normal B2C business are done before the order delivery to customers but the B2B stores follow a pre agreed payment terms with each company. Your eCommerce store must allow your customers to place orders on credit, send payment notifications and settle all payment invoices online as per their payment agreements.

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