A Beginners Guide to Facebook Marketing

October 19, 2020

Facebook has been gaining immense popularity since its release in the year 2004. It was the first social media platform to exceed 1 billion registered accounts. Even today, it leads the race, having more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, which is the highest among all the available social media platforms.

Due to a constant presence in our lives, social media has an emphatically strong social impact. According to a survey conducted by Yes Marketing company, 57% of consumers agreed that social media influences their shopping preferences. 44% of these found Facebook more dominant than other social media platforms. In light of the fact, the companies opt for Facebook Marketing to approach prospective customers who regularly frequent Facebook.

Why choose Facebook Marketing?

It has been a decade since digitalization is practiced, and COVID-19 has added fuel to the fire. Companies have used social media marketing to promote their business. Being the market leader and the top choice of the users, Facebook proves to be the best platform for marketing. Let’s dig deeper to find out the potential reasons that make Facebook – the best fit for social media marketing.

  1. Offers an Effective Advertisement

    Facebook ads get greater exposure to users. Consumers find these ads quite helpful in discovering new products and offers. In fact, according to Kleiner Perkins’s survey, 78% of consumers accepted that they found retail products via Facebook.

    Facebook ads tend to be extremely productive for companies, driving traffic to their website. This eventually improves the ROI of the companies. According to Statista, approximately 98.5% of the global revenue of Facebook comes through ads, indicating the productivity of the Facebook ad campaign.

  2. Easy to Set-Up and Fast

    Facebook has become an essentialpart of our lives. The average time spent on Facebook is approximately 1 hour per day, making it a handy tool for all of us. Using Facebook continuously for so many years, users are acquainted with all of its settings.

    Hence, starting a Facebook campaign becomes a lot easier as well as faster for them. Be it a local business or a large Enterprise; Facebook is for everyone. All you need to do is just create a business manager account and include the basic settings. That’s it! Your Facebook account is ready for the ad campaign.

  3. Target the Right Traffic

    Facebook is known for its effectiveness, reachability as well as engagement. Among the various social media platforms, Facebook works great for target marketing. There are differentalgorithms used in Facebook, which target the customer based on their interest as well as activities. This drives the right traffic to the website, leading to better customer engagement, thereby the ROI.

  4. Create Customisable Facebook Ad Campaigns

    Facebook comes with a vast number of ad templates, empowering you to create a highly customizable ad for your business. This allows you to add creativity to your advertisements and bring a variation in your ad, making it different from others. You can use the following types of post for your Facebook ad campaign-

    • Photo post
    • Video post
    • Textual post
    • Live stream
    • ing video post
    • Blog links
    • Story
    • Polling
  5. Facebook Evolves Regularly

    Along with so many amazing pre-existing features, another thing that contributes to the success of Facebook is its evolutionary nature. Tosustain longer in the market, a company needs to stay updated with emerging needs.

    Facebook updates itself regularly, adding new features to the list – the reason behind its sustenance. New advanced features empower you to upgrade your Facebook ad campaign as well.

How to do Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is packed with numerous unique features, making it a perfect fit to market your business. Marketing is critical as well as a long-term process, which decides the success of your business. Hence, you need to plan each step of the process very carefully. The same is the case with Facebook marketing as well. So if you are beginning your Facebook marketing journey or looking for ways to improve it, you are in the right place. These guidelines will help you create the best Facebook campaign for your business-

  1. Create a Facebook Page for your Business

    The journey of Facebook marketing of a business starts with creating a Facebook page. Facebook page creation is a very easy process that can be done within 10 to 15 minutes. The best thing about Facebook pages is that it is free of cost as well as there are no restrictions for the number of followers.

    However merely creating a page would not be enough to promote your brand at its best. You need to be cautious about the content that you place on your page. Facebook pages can be helpful in creating brand awareness but at the same time, if not managed properly it can damage your reputation as well.

    There are some essential factors that you should keep in mind while creating a Facebook page for your business such as-

    • Audience

      Know your target audience, for whom your product and services are more relevant. This can be based on factors like location, gender, age, language, interest, etc.

    • Profile Picture and Cover Image

      Make sure your profile picture and the cover image describes your brand. In fact, you can use your brand logo in the place of the profile picture making it recognizable.

      Microsoft does a great job using their logo as the profile picture and a motivational sky text as the cover picture.


    • About Section

      The ‘About’ section of the Facebook page plays a very important role in further engagement. This section tells your customer about your brand and business. Hence make sure that you create an informative ‘About’ section.

      For example, you can tell your customers about what your company provides? How is it relevant to them? What makes the brand stand out among the others? Or like Ford, you can simply include the highlights of the business as well as the contact details on the page.


    • Timeline Content

      Along with the about section, you should also be careful about what information you are posting on your timeline. Make sure you post such content that is relevant to the user. Irrelevant news feeds might compel the users to unfollow your page. Instead, you can use some interesting content like- blog links, coupon codes, etc. These type of newsfeeds encourages the user to engage with the content.

    • Call-to-Action

      The main objective of a company is to sell its product and service to the customer. Call-to-Action buttons proves to be quite useful in this. Use a compelling CTA on your page that directs your users to the next step. Your CTA should contribute to your business goal. For instance, the goal of the Ford company is to sell cars to its customers. So, instead of leaving the customer clueless, they provide them the option to book the car right from the page itself.

    • Facebook Analytics

      Facebook comes with a very interesting feature called Facebook Insights. Facebook insights help you to analyze your page content and its reaches. The performance of the content gives you an idea about the interest of the users in your content as well as products. Hence, you can design your future content and take appropriate business decisions based on the results.

    • Advertise your brand on Facebook

      When you post content on your page, it only reaches to your followers. This might restrict your content to a few users. To help you with expanding your audience reach, Facebook comes with the facility to boost your post. All you need to do is to purchase a boost plan based on the number of days you want to run your ad. With ‘Boost Post’, you can advertise your Facebook posts and increase your reachability very easily.

  2. Create your Facebook Groups

    Along with the Facebook page, you can also create a Facebook group for your business. Just like the page, Facebook groups are also easy to create and are free of cost. However, the management of the group is a bit different than the Facebook page. The groups are more like a discussion board where the users can discuss the issues. You need to be vigilant on each comment and discussion, respond to their queries accordingly.

  3. Market with Facebook Marketplace

    Not only just promotions, but Facebook can also be used to buy and sell your products. Create an account on the Facebook Marketplace, build your virtual shop. To begin with, log in to your account and click on the ‘shop‘ option. Place your product on the shop and add the related details such as title, description, price, images, etc. Thats it, your shop is ready to execute. Anyone on Facebook can search for the product and purchase it. Facebook also offers a Facebook Pay option for its users to make a secure payment.
    Along with all these points, do not forget to keep track of your budget and goal. Facebook ad manager helps you with this allowing you to set the budget while planning your ad campaign. In fact, through this, you can also set the budget for the lifetime. Also, another factor that is critical to Facebook Marketing is your brand reputation. Social Media is a kind of open book i.e. visible to all. Therefore, you should be vigilant about the activities going on in your page/group.
    For example, Many users raise their issues over social media. Leaving any of the issues unaddressed might leave a bad impression on the other users as well. Hence, make sure you address all the raised concerns and queries on your page.


With the increase in internet usage, the demand for Facebook Marketing has also experienced a huge surge. The top companies are already using it and reaping benefits. Like them, Facebook Marketing can work for you too, if you plan your Facebook marketing process strategically.
One of the best ways is to analyze the market and find out strategies followed by your competitors. Also, try to figure out the ongoing trends as well as the performance of different types of ads. Based on the analysis, you can design your ads appropriately through the various Facebook tools like Ad manager.
Through a continuous loop of the above mentioned activities, you can improve the performance of the Facebook marketing with time. Though there is a lot to learn for Facebook Marketing, an expertise guidance can simplify the process. So, if you are willing to take your business to another level with Facebook marketing, reach out to our Marketing experts.

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