F8 Conference 2017 – New tweak aims at increasing the number of sign-ups on your website

F8 Conference 2017

At the recent F8 conference 2017 in San Jose, CA. Facebook announced a few changes and tweaks to the existing features. With the ever increasing traffic on social media platforms, it becomes imperative to enhance the end user experience.

Instead of providing with their complete log-in details on the website, a visitor prefers logging in with either Facebook or Google. This process is quite faster and provides ease of use for your visitor. A simple click of the mouse is always preferred over typing in each and every detail repeatedly.

F8 Conference 2017 – The new Sign-Up button for website login

Facebook brings in new log-in buttons that are customizable to some extent. These are the buttons that appear on your website when a visitor or a user is on the login page. According to Facebook, these buttons will now be more enhanced and favorable.

“We now offer personalized buttons with customizable widths on the web that read: “Continue as [name]”. This is available today on our JS SDK which will render the person’s profile picture and name if they are logged into Facebook, and default to “Continue with Facebook” if they are not. Pinterest has seen a 37% lift in Facebook sign-ups since implementing the new button on their desktop experience.”


Have a look at the F8 Conference 2017 keynote and the