5 Creative Ways to Utilize E-commerce Live Chat

E-commerce Live Chat

With online shopping becoming more popular than ever, it is increasingly important to connect customers with your brand, and the use of e-commerce live chat can help you to achieve this. If someone has a question about a product or service, then chances are she wants it answered near enough immediately. Traditional customer service channels like email and phone calls require a lot of effort on the part of the customer, and even then often don’t have an immediate response. The chat takes away this effort, and lets site visitors know that there is always someone available to help as and when they need it.

As more and more businesses have started to integrate live chat into customer service strategies, businesses are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and use this channel in new and innovative ways.

Here are 5 amazing and creative ways you use E-commerce Live Chat to enhance user experience on your website.

Surprise your customers – Modern provides the perfect platform for surprising customers with giveaways, vouchers, and promo codes. This is known as proactive chat when the businesses start the conversation with the customer. For example, by giving away free gifts to the first customers landing on a page can create a buzz around your brand.

Prevent Cart Abandonment – There is nothing more heartbreaking for a retailer than the situation when a customer fills the shopping cart full of products, only to abandon it as she reaches the checkout process. It is important to find out why customers are abandoning carts, and also invite them into the conversation to see if you can turn the sale around. Some companies provide pop-ups that offer discount codes to help encourage shoppers to reconsider their decision, or alternatively, you could use proactive chat when they reach the checkout page.

Feedback – It is incredible how willing people are to offer feedback and suggestions if they are easily given the opportunity to do so. It would also be beneficial if while you are at it, you are also gathering email addresses which you could use in the future. The feedback is an important tool that can help you meet customers’ needs and hopefully exceed their expectations. This can also help to develop brand loyalty as it shows customers that you care about their opinions.

Did you know that on a monthly basis LiveChat tracks the online activity of over 63 million buyers? More than the population of France!


Anonymous chat – Some customers may want to use a live chat service, but not have their identity known. This is where anonymous chat can come in handy and is applicable in situations where the customer may want to talk about sensitive information such as things that are health or finance related.

Specialty Chats – If you are business that offers lots of different types of products or services, it may be more beneficial for your customers to provide them different chats for different departments. In this way, the customer can rest assured that she will be getting the specialist help she needs. This can help to provide a solution that is more organized and streamlined.

Increased ROI, User Friendliness, Effective Customer Satisfaction, Great Revenue are just a few of the for your online store.
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by Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury

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