6 Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics that will Start to Earn You Money

conversion rate optimization

Running a successful e-commerce store can be tough work. A lot of website builders like make it really easy to create and set up your own online store, but making sure that you actually get some traffic and performing conversion rate optimization is a different story.

The fact of the matter is that your store requires constant maintenance and improvements. The most frustrating problem that online retailers have is when they have a lot of people finding their way to the store, but then they are just not getting the sales. This is known as a conversion problem. There are many ways in which this can be improved if you are willing to put in the required efforts.

Below you can find some top tips that will help you improve your Conversion rate optimization:

  • Reduce a Customer’s Choices – If you have a lot of products on your company’s website, it can be slightly overwhelming for the consumer if she is simply there to browse. The truth is, she may simply get bored of scrolling through pages and pages of products. A way to solve this problem is to provide a more detailed set of filters. Allowing the user to focus on a few key products can have a significant effect regarding conversion rates.
  • Make Buying Visible You can’t expect customers to make a purchase if they can’t work out how they are meant to do it. You should literally place the buy button right in front of their eyes, no matter how far they scroll down the product page. Making sure this option is always visible makes it easy for them to take the next step.

Plan your conversion rate optimization tactics with this comprehensive infographic on.

  • Reviews – Your customer has the power to sell your products far better than you can, and this is why customer reviews can be so influential when it comes to customers actually making a purchase. You should give the option for customers to leave reviews on products, and make sure that these reviews are visible.
  • Search Function – Having a search function is a vital tool for many e-commerce stores. To ensure that it works flawlessly is the key. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer knowing exactly what she wants, but being unable to find it on a site. To hold a customer on your site, make sure that your search function is accurate and flawless. There are many online tracking tools available to help with this.
  • Picture Quality – One of the biggest downsides to shopping online is that the customer cannot physically see and hold the product. The only thing that she has to go by is the product image. Therefore, this should be original and of the highest quality. It is also beneficial to have the product photographed from various angles, anything to stop the customer getting a surprise when she receives the product.
  • Effortless Checkout – When it comes to the checkout process, customers want speed and ease. Try not to ask for a long list of details about them. And definitely, don’t make them type out the same information multiple times. Similarly, one of the biggest causes of customer abandonment is compulsory site registration. Keep this as an optional process.

Every online retailer needs to address Conversion rate optimization on a regular basis. After all, conversion is the ultimate goal of a website owner.

Josh Wardini

by Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury

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