Rejuvenate Your Marketing Strategy With Animated GIFs in Email

animated GIF in email

If an image is equivalent to thousand words, then an animated GIFs is equal to million words. Animated GIFs in email have been implemented in the best possible ways consistently to invoke more interest in subscribers towards their brand. In fact, the fire that cannot be created by a static image; can be created by animated GIFs in emails– leading to more subscribers.


Why embed animated GIFs in email?

Animated GIFs in an email not only makes the email readable but also help in drawing user’s attention. A by Marketing Sherpa showed campaign results get improvised by usage of GIFs in your email. It also leads to more subscriber engagement.

Brands have used Animated GIFs in email as a tool to show humor. It is also a way to show discounts and deals.

Animated GIFs are the most impactful way to portray something. They make any story come into reality.

Let’s have a look how brands are using animated GIFs in email. Steal these ideas for your next marketing campaign.

To demonstrate a product

GIFs are not just to show off. They can be used to portray a thought in a simple impactful manner. By using GIFs, you can give your subscribers a sneak peek of the next launch. This will not only build the required anticipation but also helps the subscribers to know your next plans.

Here is a good example from .

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It amazes the subscribers

GIFs entice the subscribers to click on the email and see what’s inside. And who knows, the simplest of emails can spice up your email marketing.

Look at this wonderful example from .

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To give discounts

GIFs can be used to depict a sense of urgency. It can also be used to state your brands are giving discounts.

Here is a great example from which showcases your brand in an unusual way.


GIF is sighted, we are delighted

GIF can also be added to show fun and excitement in your emails. This gives a behind the scene look of the brand.

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It leaves an emotional impact

People don’t buy looking at the price. They buy based on the emotional needs. People buy with emotions and GIF in email is a great way to tap into the emotions.

Here is a great example.

How to enhance marketing with GIFs?

1. Use it where necessary
One or two well-placed GIFs can act as CTA in emails. Focus on drawing customer’s attention to that particular section. Use GIFs sparingly in order to add flavor to emails. Overuse of GIFs would make the email look so hotchpotch

2. Keep it simple
GIFs are majorly used to highlight a specific offer or a point in emails. Hence, GIFs should be as short and simple as possible. It should be used just to promote specific feature.

What do you learn?
Using animated GIFs in email will certainly spice up your marketing emails. Bear in mind, using it thoughtlessly and excessively will make it a mess of no use. Hence, go for it keeping all the above points in mind and cast a spell on subscribers by creating an everlasting GIF experience.