6 Proven Content Marketing Tips That Can Boost Leads and Sales

March 22, 2018
Content Marketing Tips

In 2017, digital marketers have experienced exponential growth in traffic. But did that traffic result in satisfactory conversions? Some may agree that content marketing can bring in leads & sales and others may not.

Can content marketing contribute to generating leads and then sales?

As per Smart Insights, marketers have rated it as the most important technique for driving incremental sales in 2017

Now the question may arise in your mind – how to design a right content marketing strategy to maximize sales?

Here, we have come up with some proven tips which would demonstrate the right way to achieve your sales goals through content marketing –

Recognize your Customers

You can consider half battle won if you have answers to these 3 questions – how to recognize your customer, which websites your customers visit online and which messages of yours they can relate to.

Step into the shoes of your customers and design your content marketing strategy. Some people like to read blog posts, while some would prefer to watch videos.

Highlight Problems

Your audience won’t react to your achievements or how big your brand is. On the contrary, they would quickly relate to your content if you highlight the problems they are facing and the solutions you are providing to those problems.

Frame your content in such a way that it answers to the questions arising in the minds of your audience as that can really encourage them to make purchase decisions.

Be Unique

This is the most proven ways to win the sales. Ask yourself that how your brand, product or service is different from your competitors’? Portray the answer to this question in your content.

This can really make or break your business. So, just be careful. Your content should not seem to be boasting about your business but at the same time should be conveying to the audience that you are providing unique product or service adding value to their life.

Act According to Buyers’ Journey

Content marketing tactics can be successful in achieving leads only if you are aware of the buyers’ journey and act accordingly. It is all about representing the right content at the right time before the right audience. A piece of content can be considered relevant if it answers to the queries of your audience at the right time.

Each and every buyer is at a different level of their journey and thus their priorities, worries, and requirements vary from each other. Ensure, that your content is relevant based on your buyers’ journey.

Share Helpful Content

The content which is helpful to the audience is liked more rather than the content which is a mere sales pitch. Add some value to your content. Ensure that it is interesting and engaging for the audience.

If your audience finds your content to be helpful, they would even prefer to share with their connections and that would make it viral and help you win more leads.

Survey Customer Behaviour

The best way to succeed in your content marketing strategy would be to survey the behavior of your top 10 customers. From that, you would be able to analyze which tricks work and which ones don’t.

Gather information about your customers through survey tools like Survey Monkey and get an idea about exact requirements of your customers. Based on that you can design your content marketing strategy and ensure satisfaction of your customers.

Content Marketing – Requires Updating Consistently

The world of digital marketing is very competitive and you need to change your content marketing strategy consistently to stay ahead. Still, the above-mentioned content marketing tips are just timeless and should be used to create high-quality and result-oriented content in terms of growth in leads and sales which is obviously, an ultimate goal of any business.

If you are finding difficulty in achieving desired sales goals out of your content marketing strategy, just get in touch with QeRetail, as we can help you out.

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