5 Tips to kickstart your first successful Twitter marketing campaign

Twitter marketing

If you’ve just started your e-commerce store, one thing that you must ponder upon is to reach more and more people through social media. Every e-commerce retailer knows the power of social media in today’s times. It is a gold mine waiting to get dug. Data says millions of users are active on social media platforms on a daily basis.

According to , Twitter recorded 328 million monthly active users in the first quarter of 2017.


If this isn’t the best time to take your business on Social Media, then God knows what is?!

Let us talk about some simple steps for Twitter marketing that can help boost your business if you are just starting out in e-commerce.

Twitter’s shortened character limit and fast paced news feed can help in building a strong foundation for you and your business. Moreover, it also facilitates in building strong connections, creating brand awareness and shows your audience the other side of your store.

Some easy to follow best practices would be:

1. Create an attractive profile
Creating a good looking profile should be the first step in order to build the brand loyalty. An incomplete or irrelevant profile would project a bad impression. Also, make sure you add links to your profile. Links are very helpful in making people recognize who you are and what you do.

Next, include a name and a professional looking profile photo.

2. Say hi! to right people
Figure out your target market and connect with people who have a good presence in your industry and are relevant to your field of work. To find such people, use Twitter analytics and click the ‘followers’ tab.

You can use tools like and to find out the people in the area of interest and start following them on Twitter.

Keep a tab on the content they are sharing and share your opinions. They may not pay attention at first, but slowly and gradually they will start responding.

3. Save time and effort with marketing apps
Posting across various social media platforms can be time-consuming as it requires updating content on a regular basis. But don’t worry, there are some amazing tools and apps that take the burden off your shoulders.

If you want to schedule a content at a specific time or date, use DrumUp. Let us say, you are launching a new line of products and want your Twitter users to know about it. Now sometimes, when you get too caught up with your work, posting about this new launch on the website’s Twitter account might skip your mind. To avoid untimely and irregular posts, DrumUp comes into the picture.

Just schedule a post at the date and time of your liking and that’s it. This app also allows you to review and modify your posts and set custom alerts.

It is not always necessary that you might have a topic or two under your sleeves which you can post anytime. For the times when you are low on energy and creativity, you can simply log in to Feedly. This website gathers all the latest news from your favorite blogs and other websites at one single place. Just find what is relevant to your business and start posting.

Resort to Mention if you want to get an overview of how your social media marketing strategy is performing. Mention monitors and shows how many times your brand has been ‘mentioned’ on the social media.

It sends alerts whenever somebody talks abut your brand. Apart from that, you can also see if your brand is getting positive, negative or neutral comments and you can also reply to them instantly within the application.

4. Twitter chats
Participate in Twitter chats as they are one of the best ways to connect with other Twitter users. There are tools that would find the most relevant chats for you.

You can hold your own twitter chats. is a tool that helps in conducting your own chat sessions. You can view, reply, retweet, and favorite your conversation on this channel without going back to Twitter. This is one of the most established ways to gain customer’s trust and gain brand loyalty.

5. Curate engaging content
Last but not the least, no matter how useful Twitter is, if you don’t give solid reasons to people of your niche, they won’t follow you back. Your content should be fresh, clear and engaging enough to get noticed and shared.

If you keep reposting things just to appear active, your users might eventually turn a blind-eye. Come up with content that is fresh and fun to read. You can set for topics that resemble your industry. If you are muddling over a certain topic, you can hover over to Twitter Analytics. On the follower’s tab, you can

If you are muddling over a certain topic, you can hover over to Twitter Analytics. On the follower’s tab, you can see unique interests list and top interests list. Focus on the top interest list as it contains topics from the unique interest list as well.

Bottom line
In this competitive market, it is very important to have a strong and persuasive social media strategy. Having a deep and thorough understanding of your market and using the kind of social media platform would give you an edge over others.

Twitter is a wonderful platform for e-store branding if you use it in the right manner. Building a brand name is not a one day’s job; it takes time, effort and patience. But, it would definitely pay you well if you do it consistently. Use these simple yet useful Twitter marketing tips to grow your business.

Happy Tweeting!