Top 4 Tips on Using Color Psychology for Your eCommerce Business

You might be wondering how does a color scheme affect my store? But this is true! A color can influence the decisions people make. Those decisions that can make or break your business. Researchers say that is based on colors.

Mind boggling? But trust me, there is some fascinating science behind this which is known as.  Psychology of colors is a little complex.
However, there is no BEST color to choose for your eCommerce website. With that being said, using the right color scheme can affect a customer’s thinking massively. Such interactions can lead to more sales and revenue.

Top 4 Key Elements to Trigger Sales Growth Through Color Scheme

1. Choose colors which suit your brand’s image

Most of the people don’t take color effect seriously which ultimately affects your branding. The color scheme that you are opting should remain consistent during all your business assets.

Consider the following terms to gain clarity:

  • Make it a point to express who you are, what you do, and whom you do it for.
  • Think about that one thing that describes your ideal customer
  • Ask how people would feel about your brand and business
  • What problems have you been solving and how do they feel after they have solved

2. Apply color psychology

Do you know, mood colors influence the purchasing decision of a consumer. Colors evoke emotions. For example, if you go to a party, you wear .
color scheme
Similarly, if you want to get a feel of luxury, you wear black.
color scheme
If you want to be noticed as a trust worthy brand, go for blue. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all use this color for this reason only. Blue is the color for security and trustworthiness and that is what people want to be felt when you’re handling their money.

3. Keep your industry and products in mind

Colors like baby pink, light green, peach, and blue are dominant in the beauty industry. Similarly, colors like coffee brown and black are more popular in the footwear industry.
It all depends on the place in which you work and the products that you sell.

Take as an example.

color psychology

The best way to adapt colors in your eCommerce store is to first understand and analyze which Examine their color schemes and other visual elements.

4. Pay attention to your target audience

The target market is one of the crucial factors. People have different color preferences. So, they would respond differently to visual cues. However, it might get difficult to pick up the right color scheme if you are targeting a diversified demographics. Your job can be made easy if you take feedbacks and lower it down to specific groups according to their buyer personas.

For example, your business targets both men and women. If you’re using a feminine color, you are likely to ignore half of your target audience. And this is why you need to consider people you want to serve.

Bottom Line
Color Psychology plays a vital role in making your brand’s name big.  Also, color and emotions go hand in hand. Always keep in mind that your brand is unique and so are your consumers. You can figure out what works for you by doing SWOT analysis. This means by putting your theory into practice you can achieve your desired goals. It is a good practice to put color psychology in marketing tactics to maximize your ROI.
So which colors are working for you? . Also, check out our to know what we as an eStore handyman offer.