10 Tactics to Plan a Successful Youtube Marketing Strategy

August 16, 2018
Youtube Marketing

We all know that Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine used globally.

Moreover, you would be surprised to know that 50% of internet users use Youtube and 3 billion searches are done on Youtube every month.


What can be the reason behind this high popularity of Youtube?

People are likely to grasp video content quicker than reading a paragraph of content. On Google, you can get details of how to change a car tire, but Youtube actually shows you how to do that. It gives you the virtual experience of doing even the toughest jobs.

The impact of video on consumer behavior is so powerful that even Google prefers ranking the website on top having video content. Moreover, Google has a separate tab for video searches.

Despite Youtube being so important and powerful, many marketers underestimate its potential and not use this channel in their content marketing strategy.

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Even if the online marketers do post videos on Youtube, they have a big problem and that is the absence of views.

So, what should be done to eliminate this problem? We have listed out these 6 tactics which would help you in planning a successful Youtube marketing strategy.


This is the first step towards creating great content for your video. Before you start publishing a video, you should be looking around what is going on in your industry, market or niche and what are your competitors doing to succeed.

After you have researched well, you can now create a video which can actually engage your audience and make them take an action.

Keep the Video Short

As per marketing statistics for 2018 by Hubspot – Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds.

What can be the reason behind this? The decreasing human attention span which is just 8 seconds.

Obviously, you cannot keep your video duration 8 seconds, but you can ensure that first few seconds of the video are entertaining or creating enough curiosity to make your viewers watch till the end.

Still, the bottom line would be to keep the video as short as possible.

Target the Right Audience

Whenever you create a video, one question you need to ask yourself – Is it related to your brand and your audience who have that potential to be your customers?

If you post a video including cute kittens, many people would love it. But, would that video help your audience or provide them any information in any way? Yes, if you are selling cat food then that video would help you to advertise your brand. Also, it would also help your target audience by informing them of the good things about your cat food.

Assign Attention-Grabbing Title

Whether the viewers would click on your video or not totally depends on the title you have assigned to your video. Is it catchy enough to grab the attention of your audience?

But, at the same time ensure that it is not misleading. If your title is talking about something else and the video is showing something else then that can cause serious penalties as far as SEO and social media optimization is concerned. Moreover, your audience would lose trust towards your brand.

Keep your title short, crisp and relevant to your video.

Optimize Efficiently

Providing a relevant title is important but to help it rank high in search engines you need to optimize it. Youtube dominates in this case as it provides the opportunity for the user to optimize a video at an optimum level. Some of the most important elements to optimize for a video would be –

  • Title – Relevant to the video subject and including high volume search keywords.
  • Description – Provide precise information about the video as your user is not going to read long text. Youtube would show the first 100 characters, so include important information and keywords within that limit.
  • Tags – Using tags is very important as they not only inform the users but also helps Youtube to understand the content of the video.
  • Category – The category you choose would help Youtube to know the context of your video and help to list your video with similar videos.

Customize Thumbnail Image

When your video gets listed with other similar types of videos, people click on the video based on how attractive its thumbnail image is. You need to create a thumbnail of your video that grabs the attention of your viewers and creates a desire to click on them.

Create a custom thumbnail of your video and upload it so that you can get more viewers on your video.

Add Subtitles to the Video

Facebook and Youtube are the two platforms which have the ability to add subtitles to the videos. You may not find this as a very important aspect. But, yes it is important for people who would like to watch the videos in mute mode when they are surrounded by people in public places.

You need maximum viewers for your video, so why miss out those people who would like to watch videos with subtitles on it?

Create Video That Triggers Emotions

After watching your video, your audience should feel emotions. Whether they feel sad, happy, excited or thrilled. There should be some wow element in the video which triggers them to share the video with their connections.

If the viewers don’t feel any emotion after watching your video, forget about sharing, they might not even watch your other videos on your Youtube channel.

Triggering emotions doesn’t mean that your offend or hurt someone with your video. Be careful with what you post. Make your audience feel entertained, energized, and motivated to increase the number of shares and views for your videos.

Associate with Other Brands

Collaborating with other brands means getting your videos exposed to their connections, followers, and viewers. It doesn’t matter how interesting your video is if it doesn’t get viral.

Creating a good video is important but promoting it is equally important. Collaborating with other brands help you to promote your video and increase its credibility.

Be Consistent

Once you have built up the audience for your Youtube channel, you need to be consistent in terms of posting videos. Posting new videos regularly is like fueling your Youtube channel.

It is not like you post a video and just forget about it for a longer period of time. If you are not consistent, you don’t get results. Posting videos regularly would keep your audience stay tuned with your brand and maintain the popularity.

Video Marketing Strategy – Creating, Publishing & Promoting

Now, finally, these three are the key takeaways to plan a successful video marketing strategy.

  • Create quality & valuable videos
  • Consider the target audience and Youtube search algorithm in mind while publishing the video
  • Promote videos on multiple platforms

Creating video content involves investing time and money both. So, it becomes incredibly important to publish and promote in the right manner otherwise all your efforts go in vain.

Thus, creating, publishing and promoting a video are equally important factors which should be considered while planning a highly effective video marketing strategy.

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