10 Effective Ways of Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

November 28, 2017
Importance of Hashtag

A keyword phrase which is spelled without spaces and preceded by a # sign is known as a hashtag. Hashtags originally got famous by Twitter and now they are used in almost all the social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

For example, #onlinedigitalmarketing and #seotactics are both hashtags.

Some examples of hashtags used in different situations –

Event or conference in an organization – #blooddonationday

Natural disaster – #tsunami

Holidays or festivals – #blackfriday

Popular topic talked about – #bluewhale

General interests – #trekking

Hashtags can be used for promoting a business too. But how?

Here, we will look into various effective ways to get the most out of hashtag strategy –

Hashtag Based on Social Media Platform

While using hashtags, the most important factor would be to have complete knowledge of the social media platforms you are working on. The tweets posted on twitter have been successful if they include only one hashtag. Moreover, on Instagram the post having more than one hashtag have been successful. Whereas, on Facebook, the posts with hashtags have shown no evidence of being effective.

Number of Hashtags in a Post

It is really very much annoying to read a post having too many hashtags. Again it depends on the social media platform you are using. On Instagram people read posts with 8 or 10 hashtags but on Twitter the posts with 1 or 2 hashtags are considered to be perfect. Ideally, there should be 1 or 2 strong hashtags in your posts which can attract your target audience.

Be Specific in Hashtags

To create a good hashtag which really works, be specific to what you are talking about. Don’t put hashtags which can create controversies. For example, if you ask open-ended questions, people of different mindsets can provide answers which can create arguments and controversies. That can harm your business. So, be specific with the hashtags you create.

Understanding Marketing Strategy

Hashtags can be based on –

  • Brand Name
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Trending topics
  • Lifestyle
  • Location

To start with, a hashtag with a brand name is unique and specific to the brand you are promoting.

The hashtag based on advertising campaign can include the item name to be promoted.

If you are talking about a trending topic, the hashtag includes the topics which are popular and being talked about by people.

Last, but not the least the content hashtags can include the lifestyle, location, etc., you are talking about in your post.

It is very important to  create a hashtag which can engage maximum potential customers with your business.

Finding a Relevant Trending Topic

If you find a trending topic which people are highly talking about and is somewhere related to your new business idea or products you are marketing, then creating hashtag based on that can benefit your business.

For example, if you are owning a restaurant specializing in Chinese food, you can create a hashtag #bestchinesefoodintown to drive customers to your restaurant.

Live Tweet

If you are planning to target a wider audience, using live tweet is the best option. You can cover any live event like a conference, meeting relating to a new launch of a product or service and create a relevant hashtag. For example, if you tweet a hashtag #TweetFromTheSeat while launching a product like a toilet paper, then it would really create a excitement among your customers.

Create a Simple and Catchy Hashtag

A simple hashtag which is easy to understand is likely to get more attention from the audiences. For example, a hashtag like #messiandbarcelonaarehellofashit is too long to remember, on the contrary, if you use #messiagain, it becomes easy for your audience to remember and also understand the message you are trying to convey.

Involving Audience in Hashtag Posts

Keep your posts with hashtags as interesting as possible so that your audience joins the conversation. Introduce a reward for participating or winning a contest. For example, a hashtag like #whoKnowsAvirginTeen can tempt the readers to participate in the conversation because the topic is quite interesting.

Selecting the Right Time

Select the correct time to blast your posts with relevant hashtags. Posting content relating to events already occurred or ideas which have been commonly used by now is of no use. Post fresh content relating to current affairs or events likely to happen in future to launch an effective social media strategy and get the attention of your targeted audience.

Create to Inspire

The hashtag you create should be inspiring to the audience you are wishing to target. Plainly putting your brand name or product name would not suffice your goals.

The best example of an inspiring hashtag would be #shareacoke. It not only advertises coke but also has an emotional message of sharing is caring.

Significance of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

You might have seen hashtags on various social media platforms. Whenever someone clicks on the hashtag, they are directed to all the other posts containing the same hashtag. If someone searches for the word used in your hashtag, your post would get listed which means grabbing the attention of several social media users.

These days hashtags are widely used to search content within social media platforms and search engines. Thus, hashtags gives you opportunity of presenting your content before new potential clients, without burning a hole in your pocket.


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