10 amazing facts about e-commerce that you’ve probably never heard

amazing facts about e-commerce

The e-commerce ecosystem is a world in itself. With new data, new systems and new information being added every day, its reaches have covered every nook and cranny there ever existed.

Today we will look at some amazing and mind-blowing facts about e-commerce. Sure you must not have heard most of them.


1. It’s a smart smartphone world!

mobile optimization fact

2. No one likes to wait, right?

mobile optimization fact

3. What? Did I read that correctly? 

email marketing fact

4. That is one big number!

email marketing fact

5. Give them what they want.

free shipping fact

6. Social media matters

social media fact

7. Shopping cart abandonment haunts them all.

shopping cart fact

8.  A stitch in time saves nine.

website design fact

9. First impression matters.
website design fact
10. After all, it’s customers that matter the most. 

customer service fact