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Work Credits Hourly Packages for eCommerce Support Services

eCommerce store management is more of a ceaseless process than seasonal! Just as rapidly the consumer trends are changing, eCommerce businesses need to stay on toes to match up the change. Not only in terms of enhancing online presence but also in terms of technological advancements, eCommerce stores require plenty of backend alterations.

Be it a small design change or a larger development transition, when you think eCommerce support services, you think QeRetail. Our prowess army of eCommerce handymen can cater to your varied website requirements.

In order to function well and stay updated, the eStore demands an array of design, development, and optimization settings constantly. We've worked with small one-man-brands right on up to retail giants in the same arena. QeRetail can help you at all stages of your online store journey. Be it setting up from scratch, updating, migrating or facelifting, we are here!

What are Work Credits?

As simple as it can get, Work Credits are the eCommerce support services that you can takeup on an hourly basis.

Basically, QeRetail has various ‘Hourly Packages’ for any kind of eStore management services that one can seek. eCommerce store owners and managers can sit back while our handymen fix, manage and upgrade the online store.

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How does it work?

Step 1

Purchase the appropriate plan through your
convenient payment method

Step 2

Our dedicated manager will get back to
understand your business

Step 3

During your plan validity, send your requirement(s) to
ticket@qeretail.com OR chat/call with our customer success executives

Step 4

Our team will set priority timeline and ensure satisfactory
delivery while keeping you posted in between

Step 5

We keep you posted on your spending and left Work Credit every time
you use our service, keeping you in control of your spending

We've got you covered

Development/Back-end Services

  • Bug fixes
  • Plugin/Application Updates
  • Adding new interactive features
  • Theme updates
  • Streamlining navigations
  • Streamlined Checkout
  • Backups
  • Responsiveness

Product catalog management

  • Product Import/export
  • Batch processing
  • Product content update from sources
  • HTML fixes
  • Meta data creation and update

Design Services

  • Webpage creations
  • Landing pages
  • Banners creations for website & social media
  • Custom email template creation
  • Optimizing & cropping images
  • Creating videos

Digital Marketing Services

  • Social Media promotions
  • SEO report and Google Webmaster fixes
  • SEM report and reputation fixes
  • Fix broken links and redirections
  • Page optimization
  • Mobile optimization

Website Tracking Services

  • Google Analytics installation
  • FB Pixel installation
  • Dashboard and traffic analysis tools installation

Any other service on your mind that isn’t on the list?

We will make every effort to make your online store up and running with minimal hassle and multiple functions!

Work Credit Packages


Member Price : $329

Regular Price : $399
  • 10 hrs
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Member Price : $749

Regular Price : $899
  • 25 hrs
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Member Price : $1499

Regular Price : $1749
  • 50 hrs
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Client Reviews

Why Work Credits?

Concierge service

Emails/Calls or any social medium, your convenience will be our priority

Priority Support

Once you’re enrolled with us, we make sure you’re served in time

Dedicated Point of Contact

An experience Project Manager will be assigned to you throughout the process


We commit you to qualitative and timely services. If you’re unsatisfied, we refund the money


We promise you that your business info is never compromised, whatsoever

Cost-effective plans

Bunch of tasks executed at a fraction of the price. No overhead costs

Work Credit utilization

Our consultants would suggest ways of credit utilization such that you don't lose anything

Total control

You remain in control of your spending with upfront quote approval and a collaborative task management list.


If there's something left out from our end in regards to not meeting the expectations, you’re guaranteed 100% job satisfaction in the same quoted hours. All iterations are covered at no extra Work Credit Hours.

The time frame would range from 24 hours to 3-4 working days depending on the type of task. We’ll be ensuring to meet the commitment. You are requested to share your priority at the time of task assignment.

Certainly. We will keep track of all such tasks and share outcomes on every interval we are expected to perform the task. E.g. you want an ROI report of your paid campaign every week, Google Webmaster check for any issue every month etc.

We will keep sharing the record of the work credits you’ve purchased as and when the tasks are being executed.

Not at all. Your needs can differ anytime and so we’ve kept the plans lenient for your convenience of withdrawing it anytime you like (we’re confident you won’t)

We quote for a task assigned and charge the same irrespective of our spending to meet your satisfaction. The minimum time we charge for a task is 1 hour. For larger tasks, we charge the floor value of time spent so to track your balance with ease.

Left with a question? Schedule a call with our Work Credit in-charge now.

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