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The store-front of the future is here

Let's get you started on Shopify 2.0

What is Shopify Online Store 2.0?

The Online Store 2.0 is Ecommerce giant Shopify’s newly released theme architecture.The latest version comes with an immaculate range of improved themes and features to make your store-building journey a fun ride.

What’s more?
2.0 comes compact with a freshly improvised build.
The updated version is more merchant-friendly than ever - and is sure to take your E-store’s outlay to an entirely new front.

With the digital landscape only evolving by the minute, Shopify’s latest release is certain to being your business’s dream partner for building a stand-out online presence.

Our only question is, are you ready to make the shift?

Why do I need to make the shift to 2.0?

To definitively answer your question with another one - don’t you want to be better?

The newer, refined version of Shopify comes with just the right kind of tools that make store experience more fun for merchants as well as shoppers.

With development, site maintenance and design made as simplified as ever - your choice to make an upgrade is easily a no-brainer.

Key benefits of Shopify 2.0

  • An entirely new Editor with augmented features like theme app extensions and customised sectional add-ons.
  • A centralised operations layout that lets you manage multiple in-store functions at once.
  • Content-focussed outlay that enables merchants to make content insertions and edits with newfound flexibility.
  • An entirely refined app collection with apps that seamlessly merge with your online store.
  • A simplified interface that powers merchants to build storefronts from scratch. Actually with a little help - which is what we’re here for!

Shopify vs. Shopify 2.0

Feature Vintage Shopify 2.0
Sections on Every Page

This feature lets you add, edit or remove sections and blocks on every page of your site. This way, you get to create customisable content and unique page layouts.

Enhanced App Support

A simplified in-app wireframe means an added ease of use for merchants. With Shopify 2.0, you can easily integrate themes with apps without using extensive code or having to rely on developers.

Dynamic Content-source Options

A diverse content-source optionality provides merchants with the option to add media like images and PDFs. These attributes were not available in the vintage version, but are ready to make use of with 2.0.

Simplified, adaptable meta-fields

The updated theme version enables merchants to add metafields and properties. Moreover, you don’t require API or coding to do so. This not only provides more flexibility, but also lets you safely import data.

Updated app options for even non Shopify Plus merchants

Shopify offers an enormous range of app integrations for it’s online stores. Earlier, a good number of these options were only available for Shopify Plus merchants. With Online Store 2.0, this isn’t the case anymore.

Why you need a professional agency to do the job for you

It’s time-effective.

You save time, we save your efforts.

Have a unified front for all your store needs.

Whether you need a developer, designer or simply a word of advice - we do it all.

Stay updated.

You get to be privy to timely updates and consistent professional guidance.

Save up on additional costs.

We’re lighter on your wallets than you think.

Professional help goes a long way.

Experts know the drill, after all.

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