How an eStore Facelift got LoveBabyJ a distinct look to stand apart from competition

eStore Facelift

What is an eStore Facelift?

Has it been 3 months or more since you opened your online store and still there are no signs of any sales happening? Another scenario, you see traffic coming to your online retail store but no purchases being made.

Both these situations point towards one common problem and that is, your website design and features are not enabling your customers’ buying journey. It happens to online stores both new and old. New online stores which are set up using an off-the-shelf theme often comes with limited features and at times lack the elements required to sell your products effectively.

I know what you are thinking. Such kind of custom made features will need you to pay an arm and a leg. Stop, break off from that train of thoughts because an eStore facelift is an affordable solution to your problem.

An estore facelift gives your existing ecommerce website an entirely new look as per the latest trends. A complete analysis of your current website is done to find all the missing elements. Subsequently, a new design is prepared for your online retail store.

Here you will read how one of our customers benefitted from this service and is making a mark for her by selling online.

About LovebabyJ

LoveBabyJ is the brainchild of Jennifer Langdon based out of Edmonds, Washington. Jennifer is a mom of four with a passion for designing and a special affinity for couture dresses for girls. Her designs are a favorite among celebrities and fashion lovers around the world.

LoveBabyJ is an online store selling made-to-order luxury dresses for girls. A beautiful assemblage of couture dresses right from Ball Gowns to Flower girl dresses is what you will find adorned on this online shopping site.

Business Goal

It was in 2016, that Jennifer’s ecommerce website built on Shopify platform was doing well, however, the designer in her was not quite happy with the look and feel of her eStore. Somehow it did not match with her high couture brand and as much as she is a strong advocate for originality and creativity she found her estore amiss of an appeal and exclusivity.

Jennifer desired to have a store that stands out from the rest.

The store that caters to a very upscale clientele can be seen from the first glance itself. She wished an upscale, regal look for her store LoveBabyJ.

The Solution

Mady Cullen, QeRetail Product Executive had a conversation with Jennifer. What she deciphers from the conversation was that Jennifer’s online store lack some crucial design and ecommerce elements to establish a unique and classy identity with LoveBabyJ’s product line.

Once the problem was completely understood our design team set down to analyze Jennifer’s ecommerce store and an Estore facelift was proposed for LoveBabyJ.

Getting Started

After a brainstorming session, we settled on the following actions

    • Create a more professional header and footer with an effective call to action so that emails of visitors can be registered.
    • Apply the color theme which matches with the business and its product.
    • Prominent placement for “Special Offers” and “New Arrivals” which helps buyers easily locate and navigate to them.
    • Create categories like “Girls Couture Dresses”, “Boys Formal Attire” following a minimalistic design approach with action-oriented CTAs to be placed on the home page.
    • We understood that “Wholesalers” form a very valuable clientele for Jennifer and hence a separate section for Wholesalers right there on the homepage was a must have.
    • Free Shipping is the most effective promotion offer and one of the top information customers search for when buying online. And no doubt it deserves to be seen on the home page.
    • Integrate a “Blog” on the homepage to share new and trending content on a regular basis and attract more visitors.
    • Jennifer had a wonderful story to share about how and why she chose to open an online business with such a niche category in fashion. “Our Story” gives a trustworthy feel on the home page.
    • Customer Reviews in one of the most powerful and influencing factor to increase conversions and LoveBabyJ had some amazing reviews which definitely hold a place in the front. It helps to build trust among new customers. So we highlighted them on the home page.
    • A quick “Add to Cart” button for “Featured Products” to increases the conversions of the eStore.

Putting the plan into action

    • We began with designing a mock-up for LoveBabyJ with all the proposed elements of the facelift.
    • The design was then sent as the first look of LoveBabyJ’s new and enhanced version to Jennifer for review and suggest the changes she wished to see in the mock-up
    • The suggested changes were incorporated in the design (mockup) and sent for the second round of review and confirmation
    • Bingo! Jennifer approved the design and now the actual integration of the design to the website was started.
    • Shopify allows template saving. Hence the new design template was saved and sent to Jennifer for a final view of the enhanced version for any quick revisions before going live.
    • Ta-da! LoveBabyJ site was ready to go live with an elegant and sophisticated design making it more enticing for moms and girls on a hunt for that perfect dress.

Did this benefited LoveBabyJ?

The answer is a Big Yes! The store looked distinct from her competitor’s store.  The new design added a stylish and sophisticated look to it which resonates with the niche product category.  The estore conversions saw a very positive increase with the new and improved version.

Jennifer was very happy with the results and the design.

We make our customers an integral part of the entire project. We kept Jennifer updated at all the stages of the design and integration phase. Her suggestions were welcomed and we ensured that the design of her dreams come up in reality.

Post Completion Support

Our customer relationship and support continues even after the project is signed off and hence three months later when her estore ran into a pagination problem she contacted us. It was patiently looked upon and guided accordingly.

Here is a before and after estore facelift of LoveBabyJ