Personalize the customer journey to increase the sales!

There’s a big population of customers that says they love it when personalisation accompanies the shopping journey and some of them are straight enough to quote they would quit in case of not being given the options!

Personalization being a customer-led trend is being accepted by almost all companies as the basic element of future critical to success, in addition to the basics followed like the best ecommerce checkout practices and more.

What is personalization; How can it be applied to the PrestaShop store towards making a huge long-term improvement to the business/ eStore/online store? Personalization is making all that’s possible to deliver the right feature and right facility to the right customer at the right time focussed towards increases in conversion, average order value, customer retention and overall revenue. Available solutions for the same are quite easy to set up, automated, and simple to maintain. But then when considered for a long term, determining what a customer likes and forming the relationship between the customer nature and the available products makes personalization challenging.

To segment the personalization into a few levels for easier comprehension, we would now talk on collaborative filtering, segmentation and one-to-one personalization.

Collaborative filtering is restructuring the shopping journey on the basis of crowd logic, that is, what most customers’ likes are, how the societal norms are for each product and which bears the highest positivity, and how people approve a product. Including best seller and trending products/services not just gives the best to the customer but as well assures him of his choice being the best.

Segmentation is providing the capabilities/services based on a specific crowd divided on the basis of common segments, as in, based on a gender or a region or a country or the customer held device or so. This may include setting up the language configuration upon the customer location, or any logic following an automated algorithmic change that is complicated but effective, like editing the ad content when accessed by a female of a specific age. This isn’t individualization but it is targeting the right person with the right stuff.

One-to-one personalization, as the name conveys, is reforming the ecommerce solution to suit the specific shopper; could be based on immediate behavioural changes or customer profiles or historical data collected across hundreds of data points from various sources, including location, onsite and offsite behaviour, and more.

Personalization is totally blended with sales at its every nuance aspect – including customer acquisition, conversion, retention, and finally, the pleasure of making a good business.

To talk on a few examples, personalized product level displays, ads, Facebook advertisements, pop ups for time-limited offers/rewards, one-time discount, personalization via emails, and many more are available; can be created more as per the innovation in business minds.

Likeliness to buy, increase in conversion for first time visitors, higher click-through rates, while these being the merits of it, it requires the expertise to make the most of any ecommerce feature that trends today. Should you feel the realization of this and expect the best in personalization services and much more in ecommerce services, just ask us.