Why to Invest in Mobile Apps Development this Holiday Season?

Mobile Apps Development

The holiday season is approaching and people are ready to shop for themselves and for gifting their near and dear ones. Is your online store ready for this opportunity?

You may say yes it is. But, let me tell you if you don’t have your eCommerce mobile app, then you may miss out many customer who prefer shopping using their mobile.

You may be surprised to know that, as per the , 78% of consumers made a purchase using their mobile devices in 2016. This includes holiday season purchases too…

Now, you may say that you already have a mobile site or got a responsive website designed for your online business. So, any way, you are already going to grab the attention of the shoppers using mobile devices for their holiday shopping. So, the question remains there – why to invest in mobile apps development?

Let’s know how Mobile Apps Development can help online retailers –

Enable Push Notifications

One thing that online retailers worry all the time is how to inform the customers about their latest offers, discounts, new products, etc. Sending emails and newsletters to customers is a good idea but they can be deleted without being read. Push notifications keep on reminding the customers that how much they are loved by your online business. Push notifications would help you in sending your customers all the information you want them to know about without irritating them. This would ultimately improve customer engagement and grow your sales in this upcoming holiday season.

Provide Excellent Shopping Experience

If you compare a responsive website to a mobile app, in terms of shopping experience, you would definitely go for buying through a mobile app. A mobile application provides the convenience of buying the product simply by tapping a single button. “Apple Pay” is another innovative technology which helps the customers to complete the checkout and payment process by simply holding their finger to the phone.

Customers just hate logging in every time they want to shop something from your store. A mobile app saves the customers from filling out data or entering personal details when they try to shop from your online store.

Win Customer Loyalty

When a customer downloads your mobile app and starts shopping you get an assurance that the customer would return again for their future purchases. If the customer has downloaded your shopping app, then it means that they love your products. People may not remember the URL of your online store when they want to buy something from your store but if the app is already there on their phone, they simply need to tap and start shopping.

Decrease Connectivity Issues

Comparing to mobile sites, the mobile apps have fewer connectivity issues. So, to provide a seamless shopping session to your customers, launching a mobile app this holiday season can be a profitable affair for your business.

Add Versatility to your Online Business

Mobile apps can incorporate various inbuilt Smartphone facilities like Bluetooth, GPS tracker, camera, etc. and help customers to shop with extreme comfort. For example, when your customer would access a mobile app to shop for products, the location of the customer gets tracked and only the products which can be delivered in that region can only be displayed. This would save the time of customers and satisfy them with relevant results.

Mobile Apps Development for Online Store

So, become tech ready this holiday season, by launching your mobile app store at the right time. But ensure that your is appealing, including user-friendly features and is marketed in an efficient manner.