9 tips to get a high converting Landing Page

high converting Landing Page

Is your eCommerce platform giving you all the provision to build great landing pages? Yes but yet you don’t see them turning up well? Are you clear on the essential features of a landing page so they help in multiplying ecommerce traffic and increase sales? Be with us, to know what goes into building optimized landing pages for the best estore conversions and more,

Just to give you a quick idea on what are landing pages: Landing pages, as the name states, are the pages on which a searcher lands, following click in any ad or any content you put up to attract audience to your eCommerce site. Optimized landing pages are mini websites by themselves, with a clear intent, prominent call to action and direct sales from the targeted customers. They can be used to instigate email customers, or make an immediate sale or bring searchers to your product launch ceremony, or attract people with your new discount or grab people on specific festive offer or any. It’s up to your need and shrewdness how you use landing pages.

For a high converting landing page, that pulls in eCommerce traffic and increase sales, you should know these essential features of a landing pages.

  1. Action on a landing page should be focused to just one; that is, don’t give a lot of choices on what-to-do on a landing page, to the visitors. When the search query of the user is broad or vague, may you be still take them to a webpage where you show them clear calls to actions and from here you can’t miss to direct them to a page with just one option towards sale! This is the topmost tip for high eStore conversions.

  2. Make sure to give a clear punch in the heading line of your landing page. Sub heading should support the headline.

    • In first place, the visitor should know the website intent as soon he reads your ad or the pre-landing page call and once the visitor is on the page, he should get confirmed of the same intent you conveyed him in the previous page (or ad); make the heading line with such a power.

    • You shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds to convince the user to go further; this is possible only with the crisp, clear and powerful heading line. Have you optimized the landing page here?

  1. Don’t give too much detail, that’s not very relevant, in your landing page. The more precise you are, the more you convince the visitor towards the single CTA available.

    • For an example, say the landing page is to invite people for your new product launch, you’ve just put this on your ad and brought people to your page, now it’s clear you’ve got only those who are looking for the same product online, they are your targeted or intended audience then, will you now risk talking worthless tales to them losing potential buyers?

    • Just explain how your product solves their problem, what you offer in the product, state benefits clearly, may be a very short usage procedure too, why they should choose your product for the kind and state any first buy deal you may want to give them. Is your eCommerce platform supporting you create such a landing page for direct eCommerce traffic?

  1. Use relevant media files where necessary. Don’t overdo them. Say for an example, in the above point, to show the usage procedure, you may simply include the media link demonstrating the product, rather than talking in lengths.

  2. If you have any forms in place, like signup or make an account or whatever, just make sure you ask them very minimal information, to the point. This is one of the essential features of a landing page/ a high converting landing page. Making only relevant fields mandatory prevents you from frustrating the hasty visitors.

  3. An optimized landing page includes even proofs of how many people have accepted the offer from the page. People are more inclined to do something when they know a few others have done it successfully. On the page, Include testimonials from your past customers. Include a provision to share the deal on social networks.

  4. The visitor has converted and given you the estore conversion. What should you do now? Thank! In your thank you page, it’s your brilliance to ask them to join your social media page or signup further or create an account or direct them to your website homepage or show them recommended products based on the landing page deal or whatever it takes to make them stay with you.

  5. Ensure a logical flow throughout. Ad to be followed by the landing page which should have the headline then the sub heading then the description and any connected deals, then the signup or whatever your CTA is, then closure in way of conversion or successful signup or so.

  6. Contact details, guarantee information and instant support provision can be an added advantage. Include them where absolutely necessary.

Well, you now exactly know how to build those high converting landing pages for higher estore conversions. Read Don’t you? , if you want for your first landing page and more.